Wicker - the Southern Favorite

Now that we’re enjoying our porches, patios, decks, and sunrooms, let’s pay tribute to the versatile, southern favorite--wicker furniture. You probably own some of this in your home and it may have been in your family and passed down for a few generations. Wicker is a classic! Whether in its natural state, painted a bright accent color, or in the classic, crisp white, wicker pieces are one of the most adaptable furniture accents around and here’s a few pieces we have in store.

Large Wicker Pieces

There’s nothing like a rocking chair on a front porch--bonus points if it’s a wicker rocking chair.



Can’t you just envision sipping mid-morning coffee with a dear friend, soaking up some rays in your sunroom in a couple of wicker chairs?

Upstated Vintage   has a pair!

Wicker shelving units are the perfect way to add texture, height, and storage to a space.

The modern, cozy shape of this rustic, wicker chair is begging for someone to lounge and read a book.

Accent Wicker Pieces

Every room needs at least a touch of natural accents and wicker provides that for your home decor.

These wicker bar stools can be used anywhere--at your kitchen counter or pulled outside for extra seating during your summer soirees.

You can’t go wrong with a classic white wicker coffee table.

Everyone needs a pop of color and painted wicker is a great way to modernize the style.

Look at the cute loop details on this wicker stool--perfect for holding a plant or as an accent table beside occasional chairs.


How cute is this small wicker shelf? What a presentation for serving happy hour! It’s also the optimal size to hold small planters for your summer herb garden in your kitchen.

Wicker baskets can be used in countless ways; storing extra blankets and pillows, holding a large indoor plant like a fig or palm tree, corralling magazines, etc.

Rattan and wicker are a big trend in the fashion industry right now; this handbag is too cute--add a tassel and you’ll look like you’ve just come back from a tropical vacation.

This two tone picnic basket can be used for more than on the go meals. Leave it open for easy access to your summer reading books.

Bar carts can be used for more than just cocktail pieces. Their size makes them ideal to fit most any space and they can utilized as a coffee station or even a mobile office for someone who works at home.

Up your charcuterie game for summer and serve appetizers on this wicker tray.

This wicker carrier would be perfect with water filled glass bottles as an outdoor beverage station at a party.

The scale of this lamp is stunning and the neutral tones make it perfect for any decor.

This letter holder is the perfect way to keep pertinent info front and center.

Wicker is one of the most versatile styles of furniture and we’ve got plenty in store for every style and size. Visit us in the store and we’ll be glad to help you find a piece to suit your needs.

Florals for Spring

“Florals...for spring? Groundbreaking.” While Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada was completely sarcastic, we can’t help but love adding flowery touches to home decor to welcome the change of seasons. Nothing brightens the day like vivid colors of bouquets and adds life like fresh greenery. While the items below aren’t strictly for Spring decor, we couldn’t help but be giddy upon seeing florals knowing the season is here!

This lamp from Grey Street Market is just begging to be on a screen porch or sunroom. The precious yellow flowers and green shade brighten any nook.


This yellow bamboo tray table from Found Greenville is the perfect size for a little side table next to any piece of furniture.


The pinks, greens, yellow, and purples in these Designers Guild pillows from Cottage Grove Vintage easily add color to any piece of furniture.


This divided tray with center handle from Fox Hill Vintage makes it easy to transport snacks outside for happy hour.


Vintage brass floral candle holders from The Dropped Leaf nod to the season; finish the look with a bright candlestick!


No tropical vacation required--escape to warmer climates with the bird of paradise lamp from Found Greenville.


For the blue and white lovers, this cute ginger jar from Fox Hill Vintage welcomes spring with trailing flowers surrounding the jar.


Don’t forget your walls! Everyone’s favorite flower is the hydrangea and this bright artwork from Fox Hill Vintage doesn’t require watering!


Do you love to decorate with florals? Or is this element not “groundbreaking” to you? Whatever your taste, we’d love to help you find fresh items for your home!

How to Refresh Your Space

Lately on Instagram and Facebook, we’ve explored ways to refresh your space. It’s been a lot of fun taking suggestions and ideas from our followers and vendors in the shop! You may be surprised there’s no need to completely refurbish your home or start all over; adding a single new element can easily transform the look. Below are several examples of how you can keep your home decor updated and fresh!

Pillows and Upholstered Items

Did you know 99% of people’s large pieces of furniture are neutral? We honestly don’t know the exact percentage, but many folks lean toward neutral sofas, occasional chairs, etc. so that you can easily swap out the accessories. The multi-colored pillow from Wheaton Whaley Designs adds a fun punch on this occasional chair from Eileen and Co.


Slipcovers and upholstered seats are another option to update chairs. The modern blue malachite fabric slipcovered over the occasional chair from Eileen and Co. instantly renews it.


Painted Furniture

Speaking of occasional chairs, check out the fresh white coat on this cane back chair from Fox Hill Vintage. Paired with the bright new coral upholstery (the color of the year--might we add), this vintage piece is easily updated.


And if you are part of the 99% of people who own neutral upholstered furniture, painting other pieces in the room are sure to add a pop to the overall scheme. Just imagine this bright coral buffet from The Dropped Leaf in your dining room.


If painting the entire piece feels like too much, painting partial elements, like the frame or just the drawers, adds modern flair. We love how this antique dresser from The Dropped Leaf allows the beautiful wood drawers to shine against the grey painted frame.


Lamps, Shades, and Finials

Similar to pillows, lamps offer the opportunity to completely change the look of room with just a quick switch. How fun is the orange lamp from Upstated Vintage?! Jaws will drop when they enter the room and see this fun, unexpected pop.


Did you know 99% of people also own white or ivory lamp shades? Again, we have no idea if this statistic is true, but if you’re not ready to completely replace a lamp, adding a colored shade can finish the overall look. This coral-y orange shade from King’s Classics brings out the colors in the vintage lamp base. Might we also suggest updating your finials to complete the ensemble.



We’ve already mentioned how paint can transform furniture and it can certainly do that for your walls as well. If you’re not ready to undertake such a project, consider updating your walls in other ways. Recently, we discussed how wallpaper can update your home. Check out the blog post here and consider our selection of Tempaper to update a wall, staircase, furniture, small room, and more.


Another alternative is to create a focal point through art or displaying a collection. This abstract piece by Melissa Connor adds modern interest to home decor.


If you own a collection of similar items (like china), create a wall display. This creates a focal point in the room and shows off your compilation of curated collectibles.


Let’s keep this discussion going! We’d love to see you in store and hear how you’re updating your space and help you find the perfect piece to refresh the look.