Yorick & Co. Takes On the Big Apple

Jeff and Kim Stegall of Yorick & Co. spent time at the Chelsea Flea Market on a recent trip to New York City. We’ve asked them to share about their time in the city and what they brought back.

KB: Chelsea Flea Market, how fun! What’s the atmosphere like?

Yorick: Kind of like a madhouse—in a good way. It’s like a bizarre sort of circus with really great stuff everywhere. And the NYC vendors are quite entertaining. They really believe every object they're selling has a story, and they’re gonna tell you about it. Also, you sometimes see famous people and designers digging through the piles of great junk. We saw style icon Lynn Yaeger once. She's hard to miss.

KB: How do you approach a large flea or antique market? Do you try to see it all or focus on a few booths?

JS: I like to see it all twice. I go around and then go around again.

KS: I tend to look for specific things – things I want or that people have told me they are looking for, like a turtle lamp or a Grace Kelly plate.


KB: What types of pieces or styles do you see when scouting in New York City that you won’t find down south?

Yorick: You see more ethnic and high-end designer goods in New York—Asian art, African masks, huge lighting fixtures, stuff like that. Whereas, in the South you can find more country or folk art pieces.

KB: We heard you may have carried a set of nesting tables through Times Square. Is that true? Did you get any crazy looks?

JS: Ha ha, yes. And into a restaurant. And on the subway. I actually heard one guy say, "Is he carrying tables?"


KB: Are there any pieces from the Chelsea Flea Market in your space at Cottage Grove Vintage Market right now?

Yorick: Yes – some vintage shoe lasts, a ceramic elephant bank, and a jade-based lamp. Sadly, the tables didn't make it to Greenville. Shipping was prohibitive. And there was a great carved wooden architectural piece that I will have to pick up another time. We also got a great leather bag, but we’re keeping that.


KB: Great finds! Any tips for scouting at flea markets?

JS: Always try to dicker on the price. Nothing is firm.

KS: Go early for the good stuff. Stay late for the good deals.

KB: How would you define the style of Yorick & Co.?

JS: Vintage furniture, lighting, and accessories with traditional lines, classic finishes, and rich textures—timeless trappings to help you create your own story.

Thanks, Jeff & Kim!

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