Meet the Vendors: Q&A with Lawrie Haasis of Crazy Daisy Finds

Lawrie Haasis of Crazy Daisy Finds is joining us today to share some behind-the-scenes info on her business as well as her tips for styling with vintage pieces. You can find Lawrie's latest finds at Cottage Grove Vintage Market, open Wednesday through Saturday.


KB: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get started finding and selling vintage goods?
LH: I'm a wife and mom to three boys. When my youngest left for college, I realized I needed more than just a hobby, but didn't want to be tied down by a 9 to 5. I've always loved mid-century modern and vintage pieces, love to shop and realized I could put the two together and have some fun with it!

KB: How did you get connected with Susan and Cottage Grove Vintage Market?
LH: The first time I came into CGVM as a customer, I felt a connection. I have a space in another antique mall too, but I love the friendly, small feeling that we have at the shop. I was lucky that Susan decided to expand and asked me to come aboard! I accepted on the spot!!

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KB: What’s your favorite part about running Crazy Daisy Finds?
LH: Quite simply, I'm all about the thrill of the hunt! That's why I do it!

KB: How would you describe your style?
LH: Mid.Mod.Hip with a little trendy thrown in the mix!


KB: Your space at the shop always has fun mid-century modern pieces as well--what draws you to that style?
LH: I was raised with it! I have a few things from my childhood home that I treasure, but now wish I had kept more! I love the clean lines and simplicity of mid-century modern furniture and love the color and geometric designs that are often found in the art and decor of a mid-century home.

KB: Where do you find inspiration?
LH: I grew up in a neighborhood in Philadelphia that many architects lived in. They bought the land and each took a couple of acres and built cool homes! It was a great childhood and I was surrounded by mid-century modern and eclectic design.

KB: How do you incorporate vintage into your own home? Any tips for mixing older pieces with new ones?
LH: Our house is traditional on the outside and a happy, eclectic mess on the inside. I love color! I also love pieces that tell a story, either from our childhoods, our boys childhood, our travels, or just our day-to-day living! As long has something has meaning or tells a part of your story, it will find its place in your home.


Keep up with Lawrie's latest finds on Facebook or Instagram @crazydaisyfinds.

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